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What can we do for you?

Retained Searches

A full search mandate is a complete and bespoke service. It encompasses everything from initial support to accurately structure and clarify the role and hire needed, through to a full research mapping, long and short-lists, interviews and process management through, closing and ongoing support as a candidate is on-boarded.


At every stage, we give you our best advice and work hard to minimise risk via detailed and ongoing referencing and constantly sourcing additional candidates until the search is closed.


Reference Checks
Candidate due diligence and background checks can be carried out if you hire through your own efforts but wish to have a due diligence carried out on the individual to confirm suitability. This can be done quickly, confidentially and will provide enhanced certainty.


Compensation Advice
Compensation advice can be provided  through Edonis Executive search’s extensive market network. It is mostly performed at the end of the year, before the bonus season.


Competitor Market Intelligence
Competitor market Intelligence services are useful if you are entering a new market or prior to exploring changes to your business model (upscaling or downsizing).


Candidate Pool Mapping
As a prelude to a full search contract, you can request a mapping of the talent pool in a potential area to assess the hiring potential, the strategic fit and the timeliness of a potential hire..

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